Bassetlaw is full of stories! There are lots that we know, and we want to share those with you – maybe you’ve already heard of the Mayflower Pilgrims, or you know about the Dukeries. You might even have heard the one about Robin Hood…

As well as the ones we know, we also think there are plenty more to find out about. What we think is interesting – and special – is how many of these stories are linked to journeys of faith, and people’s personal and family roots.

The people that have made up churches and other communities of faith have contributed to a rich pattern of stories in our area over many centuries. And, many of our well-known stories have significant religious elements.

We want to explore local stories that tell stories about the people who have lived here in the past, and how the strength and practices of their beliefs have shaped local heritage. Some of these are ‘big’ stories, and some, in contrast, might seem very ‘small’, but from the smallest to the biggest, each story can tell us more about what makes Bassetlaw. Many of these stories have a distinctive character that reflects independence, passion, and the pursuit of tolerance.